Rustic romance cottage in Genoa NV

I recently rented this guest cabin nestled deep in the Sierra Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, CA. It is located in the city of Genoa, NV., A few miles from Stateline, NV, home to the Harrah & # 39; s, Harvey & # 39; s, The Horizon and Mont Bleu casinos. It is also close to Heavenly Valley and Kirkwood ski resorts, home to some of North America's best skiing conditions. Lake Tahoe is also known for its crystal clear mountain waters and fresh, refreshing air, making it an ideal environment for boating, sailing, camping and fishing.

The small town of Genoa NV has the oldest bar in the state and about 1.6 km away is the Wally & # 39; s Hot Springs, a natural thermal water resort with many hot spring water pools heated by the mother Earth.

Genoa, NV. with a normal population of approximately 250 people, it hosts the celebration of Candy Dance, an event held every year on the last weekend of September, which combines street fair, candy sales and street dance. This small rural town, known for its friendly charm and wonderful climate, turns into a thriving metropolis of faire street, with a combined population of almost 70,000 inhabitants over the two days.

This small cabin in Genoa NV has provided me with a serene and tranquil atmosphere for a peaceful weekend getaway. I could definitely see where it would also be good for a wedding or a very intimate gathering of friends. The owner told me that she could arrange everything from a bottle of wine to a complete wedding, consisting of seating, music, photographers, food, minister, flowers and drinks.

The unit itself consisted of approximately 400 square feet, with a full kitchen, an arrangement of studio-type beds that looked out through French doors, and a bathroom. Some of the amenities I noticed include a refrigerator, microwave, stove, grill, heated floors, sheepskin rugs, queen size bed, CD player, cable TV with all premium channels, built-in DVD player, bathrobes and more.


Visit Redondo Beach California

The coastal city of Redondo Beach, California, is located in Los Angeles County, approximately eighteen (18) miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and ten (10) miles northwest of Long Beach.
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Redondo Beach is a family-oriented community and is a good safe place to take the family for a day trip or vacation. There is a lot to do for everyone.
Check out the Redondo Beach Pier (the pier is open 24 hours a day, although most businesses close at 2:00 am or earlier) with its free public fishing, free shows on Thursday and Saturday nights, several restaurants, snack bars, shops gifts and boutiques, as well as bait and equipment for those who wish to fish and a kite shop (buy a kite and fly off the pier).
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There is also a dance club and bar and a jazz and blues club. Visit the Redondo Beach Marina. There you will find sport fishing charters, boat trips, water sports, seasonal whale watching excursions, dusk fishing, spectacular sunsets and more restaurants. Take a ride on the Looking Glass, a 19-passenger submersible submarine boat inspected by the USCG, or the Gondola Amore, which offers lovely harbor cruises and romantic dining, or rent a paddleboat or kayak and take your own harbor cruise. Go sport fishing on Redondo Sportfishing and fish for Barracuda, Bonito, Savelha, Halibut, Kelp Bass, White Sea Bass and many other species.
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Swim, surf, bodyboard, snore or just sit on the beach and enjoy the sunny California weather. According to the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce, you can “walk, skate or cycle north or south along the beach and King Harbor. From the port, the south takes you through the beautiful Redondo terrace Beach to Torrance Beach. The north takes you along the coast to Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach or you can cycle through the surrounding cities for more than 20 miles to Venice and Santa Monica. ”
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Stay at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach Hotel, 300 N. Harbor Dr., Redondo Beach, California. 90277, (310) 318-8888 or the Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club, 260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, California. 90277, (310) 379-8481 “where waves break, graceful sails and exciting sea breezes set the scene for a perfect getaway,” or the Best Western Redondo Beach Inn, 1850 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277, (310) 540-3700, with its “heated pool, spa, sauna and exercise room” or the cheap Palos Verdes Inn, 1700 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach, California. 90277, (800) 421-9241.
Whether your preference for fast food, ethnic food, seafood or steaks, you can satisfy it in Redondo Beach, where you will find everything from hamburger stands to great seafood, to sophisticated restaurants like Breakwater Steak restaurant Redondo Beach Jazz & Seafood with its candlelit restaurant tables, sparkling fireplaces, live jazz bands floating in the air “and a menu that includes everything from filet mignon with roquefort crust and 16 oz. Boneless cutlet Steak Angus halibut roasted in caper sauce with lemon and lobster tail roasted in cold water.
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For more information about the city of Redondo Beach, California, see:, a directory of links to the city of Redondo Beach, California, guides and directories listing hotels, restaurants, lawyers, brokers properties, information, resources, services, things to do, places to visit and more.


Hotel Staycation

There are vacations where you temporarily visit another city, state or country and receive all these new places to offer, in addition to others that you can stay in your own city and act as a tourist. Both are great ideas for something fun to do, and both have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you choose accommodation for this year’s vacation, how about still going to a hotel?
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Typically, stays mean that you use your home as your base and make daily trips to things in and out of your city. It could be the museum you’ve always wanted to visit, but it never came to it, it could be a new water park that just opened, it could be a trip to a nearby park to do things like canoeing that you’ve always wanted to try. At the end of the day, you come home to sleep and do something fun the next day until your stay is over. What if, instead of going home, you stay in a hotel in your own city? It’s like vacationing and staying in one place, and while it can be more expensive than going home, it adds some excitement to your vacation.
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Staying in a hotel is always fun. There are different beds, different layouts, items like the pool and gym to check out, and they usually have a bar or restaurant for snacks, meals and easy relaxation moments as well. Staying in a hotel offers something different from the same old routine. He gets up and leaves in the morning and offers a warm and comforting atmosphere when you return. You don’t have to make beds or get towels, yet you are returned to a perfect room at the end of the day.
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Nowadays, hotels have Wi-Fi and other amenities to make you feel at home while enjoying a little adventure and you don’t have to stay long, just a night or two adds to the fun factor of a stay and provide different memories that You can share. They also always have a lot of information about places and events nearby that you may have missed. So, be a tourist in your city, it’s fun and you’ll learn a lot about where you live, and while it’s always good to come home, check into a hotel, even if it’s just for one night. You’ll be glad you did!
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What makes a great hotel?

Choosing a hotel for a business trip or vacation is a big deal. You want the best place to get it, nobody wants to be stuck in a dirty and unassuming place, where you don't think it's safe to even sit on the bed, let alone get into it. But how do you know which hotel is a good hotel? It's not really about the size of the room or the size of the towels, but most people agree that it's the little things that make a hotel feel like home.

If the hotel staff is helpful, friendly and shows great hospitality, you know you're in the right place. Of course, it also helps the lobby to be well lit and clean, as this is a precursor to what is to come. If you can check in smoothly and your key card really works for your room, you are in business. Careless check-in and key cards that simply do not allow you to enter your room, the pool, the gym, etc.

Next is the location. If you are going on vacation to a specific place, such as a theme park or a monument, you will want a hotel that is close enough that you do not travel for hours after arriving at your destination. Fortunately with the internet, you can see where hotels are in relation to where you want to go before you even leave your home.

And then there are the amenities, those things that make your stay more pleasant and more at home. We are talking about clean and comfortable beds, lots of nice things in the bathroom to use, a good amount of towels, coffee and tea in the room, clean cups and cups, a decent TV and free Wi-Fi. A microwave and refrigerator in the room are also great amenities, especially if you're traveling with children, but it's also great for keeping and reheating dinner leftovers later, when you're hungry.

With online reviews, you can get a pretty decent picture of most of the hotels on your list. And with so many competition chains, it's striving to be bigger and better than its competitors on the street, which is just good news for us, the travelers and those who actually stay in the rooms.

Another good thing to look for is perks that hotels give repeat guests. Play your cards correctly and you can just have one free night!