Travel survival tips: 13 essentials to take with you on your next business trip

Travel Survival Tips

Traveling for business or pleasure for the most part is a great experience. Traveling has its disadvantages, especially when you forget to bring an essential item. Being prepared is the secret of the travel game. Having worked and lived abroad, I had to travel in many different environments. There are certain items that I always want to have on a business trip because of their usefulness. Most items are surprisingly inexpensive. Here is the list of Travel Survival that I have compiled from items I take with me when I travel on business.

13 essentials for your business trip

1. White Hand Towel

A basic white 16 "x 27" hand towel. The saving grace of this towel is its compact size. Neither too big nor too small. It's big enough to take a shower, even for a big guy like me. Hey, it's not the "Ritz-Carlton" for towels, but it's big enough to do the job. If you need to wash it, it washes easily in your bedroom sink. If you need to wear commercial clothing, it takes up less space and also dries more quickly. This will save your money in the end. At 2 euros to wash a very small load in France, it adds. I used it to polish my shoes, rolled up like a pillow and even a dust cloth. It can also be used to clean up a variety of spills. Make sure it is white so that it can be bleached. Most of the time, I simply wash it with Zote (see item 2). Best of all, you know where that towel is. Less than $ 5

2. Zote Mexican laundry soap

I prefer the Zote brand – choose the rose, it has a great citronella scent and it just works. Zote removes stains that would never come out with anything else. When you spill your favorite tie; Zote to the rescue. It even removes old stains that have been on clothing for some time. It also has softeners. So, when your luggage doesn't arrive, you can wash your clothes again with Zote and you're on your way! Buy Zote at any Latin supermarket. It's a great product and it smells so good. Less than $ 1.

3. Castile 18 in 1 Pure Magic by Dr. Bronner Hemp Soap

The most exclusive and refreshing soap you'll ever use. Dr. Bronner's website explains that soap is "A combination of extra virgin organic oils from coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that effectively cleans without being aggressive and produces a velvety foam that leaves the skin silky, smooth and refreshed. "It is a little expensive, but it is worth it. The soap is ultra concentrated, so you should dilute it. A bottle will last much longer than you think. The incredible mint oil in the soap helps to wake up during the morning bath. It is also good to use as a refreshing face wash. I love this product. It is also interesting to read the bottle. Dr. Bronner brought the soap to the United States in 1948; his family has been making soap for 5 generations. All-One! 2 ounce bottle $ 3

4. Dial the "Gold" antibacterial soap

Dial makes the best antibacterial soap on the market. Let's face it, hotel rooms can have a lot of germs. Don't worry about liquid soap; bar soap contains more active ingredient than liquid soap. Forget the little soap in the box they provide for you. Use the Dial to wash your hands, the counter, the tables and you! This will help prevent you from taking home the memory of the disease. $ 3 for a pack of 3.

5. Swiss army knife

Check this item if you are traveling by plane. TSA will not allow a knife on an airplane (Duh!) I am 1/2 Swiss. I have been using Swiss Army knives since I was a child. They are reliable and useful in many ways. They are also easy to put in your pocket and can serve as a weapon for your defense. My favorite model is the "spartan". It has 2 blades, a can and bottle opener, screwdrivers, corkscrew and leather punch. $ 28

6. Leatherman multi-tool

The main objective of the leatherworker is the needle nose pliers. I use my Swiss Army knife more than my Leatherman. However, I forgot to pack it at the time when I could actually have used the pliers. You can loosen a zipper, tighten a screw, etc. A great tool to have on hand every day. $ 30

7. Happy White Plastic Garbage Bags from the Quick Connect Kitchen – 13 Gallons

These bags are good for dirty clothes, shoes or whatever you don't want to touch your clean clothes. They work very well as vomit bags for those who travel internationally. They are also good for taking out the trash! $ 7 for 80 bags.

8. Plastic cables to tie

These can withstand 40 pounds of pressure. I always wear two ties. just in case. You can use ties to repair almost anything; a luggage strap, shoes, luggage lock etc. Less than $ 7 for a pack of 20.

9. Fisher Space pen "The Bullet"

Developed by Paul Fisher. This pressurized pen was first used by NASA on the Apollo 7 space flight in 1968. Without the invention of the Space Pen, astronauts were still writing in pencil! The pen is my favorite. It fits in your pocket and always works. He even writes under water. After experimenting, you will be hooked. Made in the USA in Boulder City, Nevada. $ 25

10. Moleskine notebook

I found a Moleskine Notebook for the first time while living in Europe. I love the simple concept of a bound notepad that you can carry with you anywhere. Simple, black and rounded corners, with a pocket on the back. Now they come in many different sizes, styles and colors. I still prefer black. It is always on me with my Space Fisher pen (see # 9). $ 12

11. Zippo lighter

It is always worth having a way to light your way or start a fire. One of the first lessons you learn as a Boy Scout is how to light a fire. Always be prepared. I bought my first Zippo when I was 18. It was a great tool to have. You should probably also check this with your luggage. $ 25

12. Sewing kit

Make sure you have a sewing kit with you when you travel. If you need a needle, thread or button, this item is worth its weight in gold. $ 5

13. Adhesive tape

This is a no-brainer. One must have to go in for repairs. A million and one uses come to mind for duct tape. You can even make a good tie or wallet if you get bored. It’s great to have a roll if you need it.