Even more governors in the province of Argentina are considering issuing locally-issued digital signs or stablestones.

As previously told, Mendoza Governor Josepina Canelli, Mendoza governor in the north-central part of the country, has already made public this week, claiming she is “studying” Stablokin’s proposals.

According to La La Politica, provinces across the country are being followed by governors and may be forced to act sooner rather than later, as many areas are experiencing cash shortages – as well as problems with national debt.
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Many provinces hope that the central government will come to the rescue, but others may prefer to take matters into a more proactive stance by using blockchain technology.

La Politica’s Marcia Dell’Oca writes,

It seems that while the central government is clearly engaged in debt-related discussions, the local government could decide to move.

Lawyers point to the Marco Paz municipality of Buenos Aires, which released a cryptocurrency called “Marcos Paz Asset” last summer and a compatible wallet application designed to boost local spending and reduce the burden on local residents.