An optional clothing holiday – give an exclusive gift for Father's Day

Seems too sought after? Not really. Naked recreation is the fast-growing segment of the travel industry. It is an expanding travel niche, with more than $ 400 million in annual revenue, according to the USA Today newspaper. In a recent Roper survey, 25% of Americans were thin at mixed companies. You can also have it when you were younger. Recover that feeling of fun and freedom from your youth by vacationing at an optional clothing resort.

Traditionally, Americans had to go to Europe or the Caribbean to find luxury resorts topless or nude. Most American places were rustic old-style camps, like the "nudist colony" you saw in the old Pink Panther movie. However, in the past decade, the United States has experienced the best that Europe and the Caribbean has to offer. You no longer need to travel abroad to be pampered at an optional clothing resort, as some of the best are here in the USA.

Most American nudist resorts are still the typical weekend getaway, located in rustic camps and catering to families and all children. However, luxury resorts have flourished in Palm Springs, CA and Florida in the past decade. Of these luxury resorts, most still cater to families and children. However, a very popular place is unique and only caters for vacationing couples. So, leave the children with the grandparents or nanny. This location is located in Palm Springs, CA and is always rated one of the best optional clothing resorts in the world, the best in the west and the most popular nude resort in America. Palm Springs is a beautiful city. With an average of 340 days of sunshine a year, it is the sunniest city in America. It has golf courses, casinos, shops, theater and the best nudist resort in America. What else could anyone ask for on vacation?

Who sunbathes naked? All! Even one of our founders, Ben Franklin, was a strong supporter of naked sunbathing. Resort goers are on average 20 to 70 years old. They are teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, movie stars, businessmen, police and firefighters. The only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on naked resorts is that they both like to tan. The reason why repeat guests love nudist resorts is that they were tired of the same old, boring vacation at chain hotels. They wanted something different, fun and safe. Naked recreation is perfect. It is very romantic. It is a great way for couples to reconnect in the face of all the pressures and tensions of work in the everyday world.

So on this Father's Day, or any other day, if you're looking for a fun new vacation experience and a great gift for Dad, contact an optional clothing resort. You will be happy that you did.